Membership Information

2016-17 Ticktocker president and GLAs

Benefits of NCL, Inc. Membership – While Membership requires a substantial commitment of time and effort, mothers and daughters say that NCL, Inc. gives them…

  • An organized way to serve others. Everyone wants to give back but few of us manage to organize this on our own. NCL, Inc. provides a direct way to serve others in need in our own community.
  • Leadership skills and poise. Through experiences like serving as class officers, working on committees and speaking in public, the girls develop skills they will use throughout their lives.
  • A deeper bond and wonderful friendships and memories. NCL, Inc. brings mothers and daughters together enabling them to work together, have fun and share in a joint mission of service to the community. NCL, Inc. gives both mothers and daughters the chance to form deep friendships with other women and girls. Lasting, cherished memories are made by working and laughing together.
  • Impressive credentials for college application. Many girls who complete the six-year NCL, Inc. program accumulate hundreds of hours of community service, which is well-regarded by many colleges.

What NCL, Inc. Membership Involves – The NCL, Inc. year runs June 1 to May 31 however the Membership requirement year runs April 1 to March 31. Membership requirements each year are as follows:

  • Patronesses (mothers) need 10 Philanthropy hours and Ticktockers (daughters) need 15 Philanthropy hours for grades 7-11 and 10 Philanthropy hours for grade 12.
  • Patronesses need 10 League hours and Ticktockers need 15 League hours for grades 7-11 and 10 League hours for grade 12. League hours are fulfilled by attending meetings and/or events as well as performing the duties of a Chapter position.
  • Patrones and Ticktocker Members must attend 10 meetings and events per year. Members attend 7 monthly Patroness meetings (mom’s only) and 7 Ticktocker Grade Level meetings (daughters only). They also participate in Chapter events such as the Mother/Daughter Tea and Fashion Show, the Mother/Daughter Award Meeting, and the Mother/Daughter Grade Level Planning Meeting.
  • Members must meet all financial obligations.


Interested in Becoming a Member of the North Tustin Chapter?

National Charity League, Inc. is a sponsorship organization, which means applicants need to be sponsored by a current Active Member of the North Tustin Chapter. To apply for Membership, each prospective Mother/Daughter is asked to attain a Sponsor and co-Sponsor from our Chapter.

How do I find a Sponsor?

If you know someone in the North Tustin Chapter of NCL, Inc., talk to her about Membership obligations and Membership drive timeline. If you do not know someone in NCL, Inc., please let us know and we will contact you to discuss your options to secure a Sponsor.

How do I join the North Tustin Chapter of NCL, Inc.?

Our Membership process starts in September of each year and application is for Membership for the following school year. Applications are due in mid-January and are submitted by the Sponsor on behalf of the prospective Mother/Daughter. Our Membership Committee will then review these applications along with the size of each “class” and those applicants who are selected are extended invitations for Membership. It is a six year time and financial commitment by both the mother and daughter.

Application for Membership is usually available for mothers of 6th graders, who will be applying for Membership beginning the following year – their daughter’s 7th grade year. The NCL, Inc. Ticktocker experience is designed as a small group leadership development program, so grade level classes are kept intentionally small. Typically there are about 25-30 girls in each class. We do occasionally open up Membership for girls entering the 8th or 9th grade, although usually these upper grade classes are already full. If your daughter is going into the 8th or 9th grade, please feel free to contact us (see below) to determine if you can apply for Membership.

A prospective Mother/Daughter must reside in Tustin, North Tustin, Tustin Ranch and/or attend school in the Tustin Unified School District at the time of application.

Want More Information? 

If you would like more information or if you and your daughter meet the eligibility requirements as stated above and would like to join, please click this link to fill out and submit your Membership inquiry form or email and our Membership committee will contact you.

Thank you so much for your interest in the
North Tustin Chapter of

National Charity League, Inc.!