Leadership Development

Mothers and daughters have the opportunity to take on leadership roles throughout their time in NCL, Inc., maximizing each member’s potential to succeed in school, work, and community.

The Patroness mothers serve in various leadership roles within the chapter each year. Additionally, members are encouraged to take on officer or chair positions, further allowing them to develop new skills.

The NCL, Inc. experience for our daughters is designed to be a small group leadership program that provides opportunities for each young woman to develop into strong leaders in their community.

Each class conducts monthly meetings run by their board officers; Ticktockers are encouraged to hold a grade level office at least once in their six years. Ticktocker officers are trained and mentored by Patroness Board Members, and guided throughout the year by grade level advisors. Through this training, Ticktockers learn basic leadership skills such as organizational dualities, consensus and team building, conflict resolution and parliamentary procedures.

Those not serving on the board are responsible for a job within their class. Examples of class jobs include planning a cultural outing or father-daughter event; writing for the Ticktocker newsletter; and acting as a liaison between the class and the Chapter for Chapter wide events. All the Ticktockers develop confidence through their jobs as they set goals and develop strategies to reach them.

Each Ticktocker class has a different focus that corresponds with their development. Class meetings may include speakers on topics such as time management, job interviews, college admissions, driving and personal finance.

In addition, the Chapter has a Ticktocker Council, which is made up of class representatives. The Council organizes chapter-wide activities for all Ticktockers.

2017-18 Board